OG vizqueen Demo

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OG vizqueen Demo

Post by Askii »

So while I was browsing the crowz/mfkr era demos I found a song called vizqueen; except it was later found that while the song did in fact exist, the audio attached isn't the song. I belive the songs existence was confirmed by Anders, and the audio under the name was disproven by him too. Anyway I was wondering if anybody knew/had any ideas of where the original song can be found, and if anybody heard it before outside of the band?

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Re: OG vizqueen Demo

Post by Adrenaline96 »


Only very few people have this song in the collector circle. It is unlikely that it will see the light of day. We lost a chance with that reddit guy that found that MFKR demo, so I don't think we will hear it soon. Maybe one day.


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Re: OG vizqueen Demo

Post by ZzbulletheadzZ »

I know that it's from an early version of MFKR; 'Mate, Kill, Feed, Repeat', which had early mixes & some other cut tracks.

The tracklist went:
Do Nothing/Bitchslap
Only One
Tattered And Torn
Part of Me
Some Feel
Rites And Rage
Killers Are Quiet
Dogfish Rising

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