Dogfish Rising is the song at the end of the samples, which is right after Killers Are Quiet. It’s an actual song. A stupid, badly recorded, joke-song, but it IS an actual song.

On the song Dogfish Rising: Joey plays guitar, and he set up the Bass Drum, Snare, and a Symbol and plays them. Josh plays bass. Some of the guest singers include: 1st guest: Paul 2nd guest: Frank Plumley (gay sounding) 3rd guest: Sean McMahon (crazy voice guy) 4th guest: Paul again (stuttering) at the end: Crahan does his Buffalo Bill impersonation.

Tattered & Torn is a direct product of Shawn writing the music. If you hate it, then he is quite happy. We firmly believed that we would get beer bottles thrown at us onstage while playing that annoying song that got intensely heavy at the end. It didn’t happen, though. Because it was “Shawn’s song”, he always jumped into the crowd and fucked with people while we played it. He’d often screw-up his Mic and not  be able to do his vox.

The album cost around $15,000 to record, mix, master, and reproduce. Craig and Mick were not on the recording.

Anders and Corey never recorded anything in studio together. The old demo version of ‘Wait & Bleed’ has Josh singing the last chorus with Corey. It is not Anders like many people think.

Shawn & Anders made the all the various sample sounds in the studio. While they were mixing (which took approx. 3 months), they asked Craig to play guitar, since Donnie had quit. He played guitar onstage (he’d wear his SPAM t-shirt and panty-hose on his head) until they asked him to switch over to sampling, since computers are his best friend. Craig is an excellent guitarist. Mick came in, then, and they made the switch on the CD sleeves.

On the subject of nicknames – Craig gave himself the name 133mHz because that was the top MHz of computers at the time. As for his SAY in things, Craig generally is the most quiet person, so he doesn’t say anything most of the time. Josh used to have a nervous habit of gnawing on his knuckles, so they called him Gnar. Shawn’s mom told him he looked like a silver-backed gorilla when she watched them practicing one day, so they started calling him Kong.

Anders and Corey played a few together sharing vocal duties. Three shows into this arrangement at an all ages gig at Safari’s right before performing the last song he shocked everyone even slipknot by announcing
that he quit, he best explained it saying “I quit thinking I’d never be in another band. I also quit knowing they would be signed, and become huge. I still wouldn’t have been happy being a background singer”.

Slipknot dedicated the album to another Joey, he was the younger brother of Frank, a close friend of Paul and Anders. “He accidentally shot himself in the face and died the year we recorded that CD. We (slipknot) dedicated
it to him. Joey Plumley.” – Anders

One of Slipknots early platforms to recognition was the KKDM Battle of the Bands , ironically they were not expected to win but funny enough made it to the finals and beat Stone sour who featured front man Corey Taylor

The Majority of lyrics to MFKR were written in relation to the role playing game Rage – a game that slipknot are big fans of and still play, this explains words like Pentex , Crinos etc originated.

Shawn used to be a welder, and made his own drum set ( the titanium kegs) - he also welded together the Deathcage that Joey sits in on the front cover of mfkr , and various other strange objects that you would expect from the Clown.


“Crowz” was recorded, and re-recorded, and re-recorded… Before Slipknot got signed they were working on a “revised” MFKR with better produced versions of those songs, along with newer stuff that was written with Corey on vocals, This was to do two things: 1) Give them a quality demo to shop to labels. 2) If not signed, they could put it out independently as a replacement for MFKR. Some of this stuff was recorded at SR with Sean McMahon, some was done at Juniors’ Motel in Otho. It really depended on what was needed at the time. Some of those songs have many multiple versions and mixes. For example, there are at least two versions of ‘Prosthetics’ that I have heard prior to the S/T. Some songs, like Snap, were done quickly at Otho and sent out as a demo to give record companies something new compared to MFKR.

Carve begins with the sample “They are doing something rather curious with the parts of the body in a way we don’t fully understand” The sample in carve is something Anders took from an old Iowa Public Television show on the ruins of Skara Brae. The narrator was talking about an ancient tomb, and the bones they discovered.

Here is a chronical of the similarities/differences in some of the MFKR ERA songs that ended up on “self-titled” , “Iowa” and “Vol 3″

The song Slipknot shows up on the Basement sessions 1992, Is improved and becomes Slipknot on MFKR. Slipknot evolves during Crowz (based on Ohmaha live version), Then becomes SIC on self titled.

Gently apparently was written by Shawn in High school, shows up on basement largely as an epic/instrumental. Is completely improved on MFKR, During Crowz we can hear that the guitar intro is removed and Corey slightly alters lyric to “world of pleasure” as opposed to “mode of pleasure”. Finally ending up on Iowa.

Do Nothing Bitchslap – MFKR, then revised on Crowz
Only One. MFKR, revised on Crowz with Andy again still funky with added samples. Then evolves with Corey Crowz, alot faster, funkier and added samples. Then arrives on self-titled with new lyrics and less funk orientated.

Tattered and Torn – written by shawn arrives on MFKR, later evolved during the Crowz era. Finally ends up on Self-titled with different lyrics than mfkr.

Confessions – MFKR era Only

Some feel – MFKR era Only

Killers are Quiet – epic track from mfkr era, becomes extremely popular track. Surpisingly not recorded on self-titled. Popularity ensures that it re-appears on Iowa. Major difference is the lyric changes and name change to “Iowa”.

Interloper – begins as “Idiot” from the basement sessions, is not recorded on MFKR, is played out during Anders crowz era and is featured on the 11 track 97 SR Audio demo disc. It is very similar to interloper on the self titled digi-pack, it doesn’t end there either, Interloper is revised during 1998 and 1999 to become “Diluted” on the normal edition of “self-titled”.

Heartache and a pair of scissors – Appears on the 97 SR Audio demo disc with Anders, played out live and sounds very similar/almost identical to self titled version titled “Scissors”.

Carve – appears during crowz anders, recorded with Andy and possible re-recorded with Corey. Opening riff from Carve reappears on “Vol 3″ in the song “Before I Forget”

Coleslaw – crowz era Andy – Coleslaw riff’s are used in ‘The shape’ and ‘Opium of the people’

Me Inside – begins as “The Me Inside” during Andy crowz era, Corey Joins sk, records new lyrics for Crowz corey and is renamed as “Me Inside” – song then re-appears on self titled.

Lust Disease – Song around the Crowz era with Andy, later when Andy leaves sk he uses the lyrics from lust disease for his ‘Painface” song ‘Lust’. Sk use riff from ‘Lust Disease’ on ‘Iowa” for their song “Left Behind”

Prosthetics – begins with Anders Crowz version, then is re-done for Corey Crowz, slight lyric changes and it arrives on “self-titled”.

May 17’s intro riff is the main riff for New Abortion off “Iowa”.

The Funk and Disco elements heard in various songs off MFKR were due to Paul, he came up with that goofy idea, since he was all funk-oriented. He had a good mind for what disco should sound like.

The inside notes says: “Guitar leads on tracks 1, 6, &10, as well as other rhythm guitar tracks preformed by Donnie Steele.” how is this mysterious track 10 explained? Anders explains – “There was another song that we cut from the line-up called “Part Of Me”, and I think that thank-you panel had been made up before we cut it”.

Over 500 copies of the album were sold at Safari Club gigs between 1996-1997. Mike Lawyer remembers, “At one point when we were sending out promo packages to record labels,we had a stack of 100 of those sitting right here – that would be worth a fortune right now.”This activity continued until the end of the year,when about 400 copies remained.

In May 1997 Dan, the head of Ismist made the three-hour journey to Des Moines from his town, Lincoln, in the neighboring state of Nebraska to attend two weekend gigs,one with Nashville Pussy and the other by Unsane. Both shows took place at the Safari Club. He was given a copy of MFKR,and asked to get in touch if he liked the music. “Slipknot were not what I would normally listen to,being based as much in metal as they are,” said Dan later. “I like the punk noise thing more,but I could see working with those guys,since the two branches of music aren’t that far off.”After a meeting with Sophia Josh, Ismist agreed to distribute the remaining copies of the album – although at this point only 386 of the original 1000 copies remained.

In an interview with the Loudside webzine, Crahan spelled out exactly what MFKR means to him nowadays. “It was a musical journey,that’s all it ever was. We were in hiding for a year making music and we decided to release it.It’s one thing being in a basement making music and vibing off each other, and it’s another going home by yourself and listening to what you personally created and that’s what Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat was. We spent 30,000 dollars on that record. We went through a lot of different styles…It was just to see what we wanted to do.”

At the end of 1997 Slipknot made their second appearance on an album. SR Audio’s Mike Lawyer had organized a 24-track CD of central Iowan bands for charity. All the bands were recorded live by Lawyer at the Safari Club, on the nights of November 8 & 9. ‘Spit it Out’ which had been circulated to the media and which was receiving widespread local radio airplay, was included, as was ‘She’s and actress’ by Joey’s sporadically active Rejects, The album was released as State Of Independents Volume 1, cost a mere ten dollars and generated funds for the AIDS Project of Central IOWA. Sponsors included the usual suspects KKDM, the studio and the venue as well as Muzi.com. It was the last Slipknot recording not to sell in droves.

Back in the MFKR days, Craig used to start the song Gently with a sample from the movie ‘Falling Down’ with a conversation between D-fens and the army surplus nazi:
“Fuck you! Who the fuck are you?”
“Are you fucking with me!?”
“I am just disagreeing with you! In America we have the freedom of speech! The right to disagree!”
“Fuck you and your freedom! Who the fuck are you?! You Fuck… you faggot fuck!”

The ‘Fuck you’ part was later used in the intro of the song ‘Interloper’

written by Anders Colsefni

dark it was so dark and chilly around late november i think it was late november anyway i was walking home from whatever the hell it was that i was doing that evening i had no car as a matter of fact i still have no car but what im trying to say is i rounded the corner that leads to my pad i took maybe five steps and came to a complete halt the entire street appeared to be alive writhing around in sinewy shadow like from the trees as well i noticed that whatever they were noticed me too because they all stopped making the noise they were making and turned their eyes collectively at me my blood went to ice and i thought about turning around and running i stood there facing the mass there must have been a couple hundred thousand of them and they were really paying close attention to me i think i almost sauced in my pants i chose not to run away instead i inched my way closer hoping i wouldnt be bitten cause god knows if those fuckers have diseases i was no more then ten steps away from them and they hadnt moved yet so i started wondering what the hell i should do next when all of a sudden the one closest to me let out a blood curdlings quawk that echoed into the cold night about three seconds later the entire body answered in unison with the same sound and immediately lights from the neighborhood houses began popping onto see what the hell had made such a loud hideous noise it seemed to me like they were an army and the one in front of me was the general looking out into the center of the enormous mass of black i saw a lump that they had gathered on top of i did know why there would be something that large laying in the middle of the road for them to perch up on seeming to sense my stare in their direction the ones that formed the lump pushed their way off the lump and into the crowd as a gesture to show me what i was thinking once they were off the lump i saw that what they were standing on was a mixture of red and white but i was too far away to pick out any details once again seeming to read my mind the group parted in the middle like moses parting the sea to create a path for me to the center of the irmoot i felt like i was going crazy these things knew what i was thinking without using any of the good judgement that i had always prided myself in having i carefully walked into the black insanity towards the objects i lent lay waiting at the center just as each step brought me closer each step also made my vision clearer as to what i was looking at twenty feet away i knew what it was but i didnt stop walking i had to be certain i had to be sure i could not be mistaken is it was it is it what i think thought think it is? c r o w s yes it was and my heart gave way to complete and utter sadness at the sight before me as i looked down upon the remains off our small children that had mostly be endevoured i momentarily forgot about the abomination that surrounded me i didnt notice the convenient path way closing back up behind me nor did i witness the saliva dripping from the carnivorous mouths they were still hungry and they had developed an appetite for humans i began to weep for these young ones when the first flew up to my shoulder and began snipping at my ear quickly followed a couple more soon iwas enveloped in the black mass but i couldnt feel anything at all i had possibly witnessed the worst thing imagineable and i couldnt feel anything nothing not anything except for a wave of dizziness that passed over me and a bright light glaring at me though the holes between them all of a sudden i heard the unmistakeable sound of a car hornblasting and i thought for a moment that iwas saved when the giant group took to the air they had been scared off by the cars lights and horn. since i couldnt feel anything it took me a minute to realize that they had taken me with them.